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Image Analysis Quantification of Elastic Tissue Content
It's believed that smoking may release an enzyme that breaks down collagen and essential elastic tissue and may also restrict blood supply to the skin.
It is a genetically determined age-related disease of elastic tissue within the eye, with a dandruff-like appearance.
These women tend to be thinner, with good genetics, and very elastic tissue.
A section of the AV node mass was stained with elastic van Gieson and counterstained with Gomori trichrome stain (original magnification x200, Figure 3), which highlighted cardiac myocytes at the AV node interrupted by numerous, large, irregular vascular channels, many of which had fragmented parallel lamellae of elastic tissue and an endothelial lining.
A The elastic tissue of his lungs has become stretched and damaged so that it is more difficult for oxygen to enter his bloodstream.
Under polarized light, the extracellular matrix contained abundant polarizing collagen in a somewhat disorganized fashion; the elastic tissue stain showed scarce fragmented elastic fibers in the center of the nodule.