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Bedrooms can be opened up to living rooms to give more elbowroom for people working from home.
And then, no matter what season it is, I step outdoors and gasp at the sight of nature everywhere and pray that I will have a little elbowroom to roar no matter what happens.
As well as providing more elbowroom than conventional five-seat superminis, the sliding and folding seats also provide a combination of decent legroom or good boot space.
Jobs can be enriched, enlarged and upgraded by encouraging: * More "elbowroom"--giving employees a sense that they control their own destiny, (but not so much elbowroom that they do not know what to do next).
The formal restraints imposed by the material--paint, black and white, marble, piano tones, or whatever it may be--are not perceived; it is as though there were a limitless margin of elbowroom between the artist's fullest utilization of form and the most that the material is innately capable of.
Although offering such versatility, the Pluriel still offers a roomy enough interior that gives bags of head, leg and elbowroom for two adults up front, along with two proper seats to the rear.
On a chilly winter night, the 24-hour baang (pronounced "bong") is bursting at the seams with almost no elbowroom for 50 or so patrons.
This should give financial authorities more elbowroom in dealing with smaller banks in trouble.
Although the island is not large, its rolling terrain and sparsity of bowhunters make for plenty of elbowroom.
There is usually enough elbowroom to get a supplier to come down on price so they get the work, he sail.
Visit this 130-square-mile national monument during the winter months and you'll be guaranteed plenty of elbowroom.
Arguably, Wallinger's most complex, arresting pieces are those that figure "Wallinger," as historically constructed subject, within the frame of the work--or to put it another way, those that allow unconscious, symptomatic utterance as much elbowroom as conscious strategy.