elected representative

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In a democracy, the qualification of any elected representative is the combined qualifications of the electorate, including those who vote for other candidates or decide against exercising their franchise.
This affects the essential right of confidentiality between an elected representative and his or her constituent.
House Democrats elected Representative Terrance Carroll as speaker, and Peter Groff was re-elected Senate president.
As the planning continues, you also notice that many of the voters to be called for support happen to have the same last name as the local elected representative.
However, if you work in a smaller workplace and are motivated to get an elected representative, contact your local union organiser for support.
Her vast experience contributed to her detailed, hands-on knowledge of the 13th Council District, and allowed her to hit the ground running as the elected representative.
The secretariat officials pointed out that it was not the first time that an elected representative has submitted an application for a ' weird' claim.
I thought I knew, but realise now that with the new forms of government the elected representative is not expected to battle and argue on the grounds of policy needs of the people.
On the Assembly side, Republicans elected Representative Michael Huebsch speaker.
As an elected representative for Liverpool, I opposed the Port Services Directive because it was a badly-drafted piece of EU law which did not tackle the issues that it set out to resolve.
Again the "interest" is defined as being where the elected representative lives.
He directed them to inform elected representative of the area about their visits and all problems must be discussed with DMD TS or M.