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The electric field on the matrix and the BT fillers could be obtained as follows:
This expression is valid everywhere in space, the last term on the right hand side giving the electric field at the origin.
In the presence of electric field, in a defect ferroelectric crystal, the real part of the Green's function 5(a), gives Cochran's temperature dependent frequency Q(T) as the self-consistent solution of the equation,
The strength of the electric field in some point in space can be calculated according to equation (Poljak, D.
Frost formation on a surface without a superimposed electric field is a quite well known phenomenon (Hayashi 1977) mainly influenced by moist air humidity ratio and the temperature difference between the air stream and the cold surface.
First of all, the threshold electric field (10) for aggregation of particles in the absence of any ligand was determined.
The main target of the electric field solving is location of the position with the maximum value of the electric field intensity for variety of running and fault states of the cable line.
The present work is devoted to study the fluctuations of funnel solutions in the presence of a world-volume electric field.
From our field work, we know that strong electric fields are generated by dust storms on Earth," said co-author William Farrell of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md.
The electric field in the region where the neutrons decay sweeps both populations of protons, those with initial axial momenta anti-parallel to the electron axis (group I) and those parallel (group II), toward the proton detector.
You're immersed in a significant vertical electric field even on a clear sunny day," says Mark Stanley, a researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

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