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With its lower electrical resistance and its higher ruggedness against electro-migration copper shows clear advantages for high performance ICs.
However, LFP has high electrical resistance, resulting in high contact resistance* with regard to plain aluminum foils used as a collector.
Electrical resistance, which is the opposition offered by a substance or body to the passage of electrical current, is important in utility lines due to charges potentially being conducted from the wires onto the pole where line personnel could come into contact with them (Stewart 1936).
Due to the radial loadings, in relation number (8) takes part only the resistances from the loaded balls (balls 1 and 2), in the case of other contacts the electrical resistance is [infinity].
Mazda and Nippon Paint Company have developed a new electrodeposition (e-coat) basecoat process that raises the paint's electrical resistance, allowing the paint to better adhere to the inner surfaces of the vehicle body, while reducing the amount of electricity used during the body dipping process.
853 paragraph (a), Kydex 110 sheet is said to exhibit outstanding impact resistance, modulus of elasticity, rigidity, dimensional stability, and electrical resistance, and to offer extreme formability and hot tear strength.
Silver's electrical conductivity is very high, and its electrical resistance is very low, he points out.
1 /PRNewswire/ -- Thermal Remediation Services (TRS) was awarded a multi-million dollar award for the implementation of the Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) Technology at the Pemaco Superfund Site in Los Angeles County, California.
High standards have to be met in the production of this grade, with attention to the dielectric characteristics, the electrical resistance, and the breakdown strength.
Reducing the electrical resistance between the tip and the diffuser decreases the heat build up.
Impedance plethysmography is a method of detecting blood volume changes, in part by measuring changes in electrical resistance.
The electrical resistance of the microheating element was measured to be 3.

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