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When this coating was used on iron conductors, the electrical resistance was reduced to zero.
The level of contact resistance is in proportion to electrical resistance of a cathode material.
In this report, we compare the electrical resistance of nontreated, copper naphthenate-treated, and penta-treated Douglas-fir pole sections.
Due to the radial loadings, in relation number (8) takes part only the resistances from the loaded balls (balls 1 and 2), in the case of other contacts the electrical resistance is [infinity].
The electrical resistance blocks and tensiometers were identified as the most promising technologies in the short term to fill the gap for irrigation scheduling while improvements are made to the electromagnetic systems.
Reducing the electrical resistance between the tip and the diffuser decreases the heat build up.
Impedance plethysmography is a method of detecting blood volume changes, in part by measuring changes in electrical resistance.
The electrical resistance of the microheating element was measured to be 3.
The moisturizing formula can be used to reduce skin electrical resistance and enhance the reliability of electrostatic discharge (ESD) control wrist straps by providing a reliable path-to-ground.
This measures the electrical resistance caused by body fat.
For high current-carrying capability at high temperatures, thick film copper elements provide an ideal medium, with low electrical resistance and extremely high adhesion, alloying strength and migration resistance.
The Environment Agency's Hampshire fisheries team is the first to adopt the technology, which works by detecting a change in the electrical resistance in the water when a fish swims past.

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