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Electrifier offices are located in Silicon Valley at 580 California Street, Suite 500, San Francisco, CA 94104, USA; 1-415-439-4830; fax 1-415-439-4942; and, in Research Triangle, NC, at 2605 Meridian Parkway, Suite 205, Durham, NC 27713, USA; 1-919-806-4000; fax 1-919-806-4014; Reach Electrifier via email at info@electrifier.
Building on our continuing success with Electrifier Pro, Electrifier is preparing to launch a next- generation web-based service later this year that gives sellers the power to sell more effectively using streaming rich media.
UPSIDE felt that Electrifier has what it takes to be considered among the 'hottest' private companies around, and we look forward to watching its future performance.
Moreover, he brings to Electrifier a rich synthesis of interactive media, online marketing and data mining industry experience- the combination of which forms the core of Electrifier's offering.
Electrifier applications integrate seamlessly with any site, and can be deployed in just weeks.
Electrifier provides rich media infrastructure for business applications.
Electrifier Network, Electrifier Shows, Xtreme Shopping, Are you Plugged In?
With a few clicks of the mouse, anyone can create high-impact Electrifier Shows -- featuring dynamic images, synchronized audio, and TV-style effects -- and seamlessly deliver them to any audience.
Another Electrifier Network member described a more personalized experience using the new software.
The basic Electrifier Network service, tailored for individuals and small businesses, is free of charge.