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Within these two months the electric power, producing by electrogenic microbial community, was consumed by an electronic control system and was used for a light-emitting diode supply.
Other mechanisms include the necessary modifications in the membrane potential for the generation of electrogenic force (Forgac, 1998; Peng et al.
As has been shown in the two-dimensional and three-dimensional models of syncytial media, the input resistance is but slightly dependent on the resistance of the electrogenic membrane [28].
Despite the fact that the mechanism of L-arginine-induced insulin secretion is not fully clarified, many authors suggest that the potentiation of glucose-induced insulin secretion by L-arginine is mediated by [beta]-cell membrane depolarization due to the electrogenic influx of the cationic amino acid into the [beta]-cell as described by Charles et al.
The activity of an electrogenic membrane enzyme, ouabain-sensitive [Na.
In both of these examples, net charge transport, predominantly by the electrogenic Na(+) -K(+) ATPase (3 Na[+):2 K(+)), gives rise to the electrical potential differences.
For modeling the electrocardiosignal genesis and excitation wave spread in myocardium [1-3], values of the parameters of the passive electric properties of myocardium (such as resistivity of the intracellular medium, electrogenic membrane, intercellular contacts, space constants of electrotonic decay) are essential.
It mediates the electrogenic exchange of cationic amino acids (influx) for neutral amino acids (efflux).
Specificity of sodium-dependent electrogenic sugar transport in amphibian kidney proximal tubule.
Electrogenic transport properties of growing Arabidopsis root hairs.
On top of that, the low biomass yield generated under electrogenic conditions avoids any bed colmatation.