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15min treatment of electromagnetic field (2mT) on dry seeds of Pumpkin, significantly and highly increased the activity of catalase, in comparison to other treatments.
27-1-2], local conservation of the electromagnetic field energy can be written as
Jerry Jacobson, biophysicist and inventor, announced today the results of studies on the effect of extremely low intensity electromagnetic fields on the restoration of forelimb grip strength, and radial nerve ultrastructure in mice with induced motor neuropathy.
The low-level electromagnetic fields generated when antennas in mobile phones and other wireless devices transmit radio signals are referred to as radiofrequency (RF) fields.
To unify expressions employed for predicting radio wave propagation, International Telecommunication Union recommended using the interpretation and values of parameters predicting electromagnetic field propagation generated from antennas for mobile cellular communications (Propagation Data and Prediction Methods .
impact of exposure to electromagnetic fields in 5 locations for electric power transmission lines of the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC).
To analyze the characteristics of a particular type of heating oven it is necessary to find the electromagnetic field distribution inside the applicator for real loads.
Although too small to explain the observed phenomenon in the above case or pose any serious risk of micro-shock, we conclude that a small current can be induced in any coiled intravenous line when subjected to an electromagnetic field.
Accordingly, a paramagnetic sample will absorb energy of the electromagnetic field.
The virtues of whole grain foods, fresh vegetables, a very low intake of sugar, the frequent use of unrefined carbohydrates and a moderate intake of protein foods (restricted to vegetable and grain proteins) believed to have protective value in pitting the immune system against the proliferation of the electromagnetic field.
By estimating the exposure to electromagnetic fields using a wiring configuration code, it was found that the rate of cancer deaths was approximately twice as high in children who lived in homes with potential electromagnetic field exposures as opposed to low potential exposures.
The revolutionary process, developed by the electromagnetic processing laboratory at the Univ of Alabama, suspends a metal melt in an electromagnetic field.

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