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As well as repelling electromagnetic radiation, the unique Wireless Armour fabric is also antibacterial, shape holding and can be laundered in a conventional washing machine.
Oscillating circuits consumed radiant energy from the external environment and convert it into heat protecting living space by its electromagnetic shielding in a wide range of specific frequency of environment electromagnetic radiation.
It implied a need for environmental risk assessment caused by electromagnetic radiation from phones and cell phone towers, so that strategies can be devised to check electromagnetic pollution in the natural environment.
One theory is exposure to electromagnetic radiation cuts production of a hormone called melatonin.
Two of the most useful chapters are those on electromagnetic radiation and environmental law.
He said the radio's Santa Maria di Galeria transmission center outside Rome had always met international norms of accepted levels of electromagnetic radiation "even before the existence of Italian standards.
The potential health problems associated with mobile phone electromagnetic radiation could be a `time bomb'.
The functionality of each is based on the action of electromagnetic radiation at a particular wavelength on different tissues in the body.
According to research by Sendai's Tohoku University, the passengers on the loop line train were likely exposed to dangerous levels of electromagnetic radiation soon after it was halted.
CONTACT: Citizens and Professionals for the Responsible Use of Electromagnetic Radiation, (802)426-3035, www.
Its decision is in response to an investigation by the Australian Consumers' Association which found that using the kits could reduce electromagnetic radiation by 92 per cent.
Zeropa, "The Ladybird," is a ceramic device that is attached close to the base of the antenna and protects the user from potentially harmful electromagnetic radiation in cellular phones, pagers and cordless phones.

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