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It is the case when beauty and elegancy of one or another physical theory corresponds to beauty and elegancy of surrounding world.
According to Swete, Sidmouth in 1795 was already "the gayest place of resort on the Devon coast, and every elegancy, every luxury, every amusement is here to be met with--iced creams, Milliners shops, cards, billiards, plays, circulating libraries, attract notice in every part" (2:139).
Technogym will offer an exclusive show of Kinesis Personal & Run Personal designed by Antonio Citterio and display its Wellness Tools to show the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle in elegancy.
A judging committee, which included Bahraini designer Huda Qarooni and artist Abbas Al Mosawi, took into consideration the material used, elegancy, imagination, creativity, colour compatibility, wear-ability, overall aesthetic and beauty aspects before deciding on the winning designs.
are not the least part of Orthography, or of the right manner of writing: the ignorance whereof is frequently not only an obstacle to the discerning of the elegancy in writing, but likewise to the perceiving of the writers scope, drift and sense: It will therefore no be impertinent here to add a few lines in explanation; thereof (Smith 1683: 245).
Thus, interested readers are encouraged to compare the solutions by the three works, in order to judge the simplicity and elegancy behind the approach presented in this paper.
The needles of the white pine create a soft carpet and add an air of elegancy to our Soft Walk.
Para Sandwich la anhelada visita a El Escorial, habia superado cualquier expectativa, el 17 de mayo avistaba por primera vez el monasterio desde Guadarrama en direccion a El Pardo, despues escribiria con entusiasmo en su diario: "truly did excel ye expectation I had of it both for magnificence, elegancy and cost.
From an Artichoke Soup, to a Bechamel Sauce, to a Shredded Fillo Dough with Ricotta Cheese, "The Savory Secrets Of Dodi's Home Cooking" offers 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes that would grace any dining occasion with an Egyptian flair and elegancy.
But yet, since princes will have such things, it is better they should be graced with elegancy than daubed with cost.