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Elementary schools ranked 5 and above increased 10.
Parents wanting their children to stay in elementary school one more year is a trend, Riccio said.
Chandlers Elementary School, Russellville; Meade Memorial Elementary School, Williamsport
It's the last stop of a monthlong Jazz in Schools tour that three bands have made at 45 elementary schools in Los Angeles in February - trying to give hip-hop a run for its money with kids during Black History Month.
Montgomery County: Bridgeport Elementary School, Upper Merion School District; Cheltenham Elementary School, Cheltenham Township School District; McKinley Elementary School, Abington School District; and Thomas Fitzwater Elementary School, Upper Dublin School District.
2) Carmel Gardner, a traveling music teacher, leads a class in a song using musical tubes at Woodland Hills Elementary School.
The 57,600-square-foot school, located at 27th Street East and Avenue J-4, will accommodate up to 800 students and will become the new home of staffers and pupils from Tierra Bonita North Elementary School.
The donation will allow teachers at Harlem and Pumphrey Elementary Schools to use PLTs in conjunction with the LeapTrack(TM) Assessment & Instruction System to upload data to school networks, conduct real-time formative assessment of each student's progress, and prescribe individualized learning paths.
The four other schools undergoing a similar review are Eastin-Arcola Elementary School in the Madera Unified School District; Alicante Avenue Elementary School in the Lamont Elementary School District; Lexington Elementary School in the Cajon Valley Union Elementary School District; and Compton Junior High School in the Bakersfield City Elementary School District.
Lancaster school officials want to build two elementary schools and a middle school.
Through its Elementary School segment, the Company sells school supplies and other products specifically targeted for use by children in kindergarten through sixth grade to elementary schools, teachers and other education organizations.
About one in four California students from elementary school through high schools are considered physically fit, according to the state's 2005 Physical Fitness Test.

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