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To determine the repeatability of these measurements, the elevation of 25 stations at San Dieguito Lagoon were remeasured in January 1999.
they unsheathe their swords at the elevations and hold them in salute before Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.
The newly designed Elevation Intuition Electronic Hand Towel Roll Dispenser uses one-at-a-time, no-touch automated functionality for less waste, cost and clutter while improving hygiene and image.
Women who had been using estrogen-progestogen therapy for those durations had greater elevations of risk (1.
ST-segment elevation in conditions other than acute myocardial infarction.
For Field and FITA shooters there is also a version available with a longer elevation bar to accommodate longer shots or for archers shooting lower-poundage bows.
The incidence of death during acute hospitalization of patients with a ST-segment elevation MI was 13.
Cara's profile elevation did not provide all of the information that the career counselor needed to work with her effectively, but it did provide additional, important information that aided in a more effective counseling relationship with Cara.
2+] elevation (Figure 6), suggesting significant contribution of [Ca.
The TanDEM-X Digital Elevation Model facilitates the interpretation of landscapes with exceptional detail, which is essential for military engineering projects and operational planning incl.
We are thrilled to deliver to our Elevation investor community superior returns that nearly tripled their capital investment in Fund II and more than doubled their capital investment in Fund III.
com)-- Mack Elevation Forum is pleased to announce the launch of Ideas That Matter, a weekly digital commentary on strategy, customer alignment, leadership, and business development for leaders looking for an edge.