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Global warming, elevational range shifts, and lowland biotic attrition in the wet tropics.
Elevational gradients in ant species richness: area, geometry, and Rapoport's rule, Ecography 25(1): 25-32.
The relationship of tropical bird communities to tree species composition and vegetation structure along an Andean elevational gradient.
2007) reported that moose in southern British Columbia showed 2 elevational strategies during calving related to predation risk.
Mount Kinabalu, for example, is an evolutionary biologist's paradise, with large numbers of well-described endemic species that have adapted along elevational and edaphic gradients.
Physical indicators can include elevational, morphologic, transport, circulation, exchange and stratification processes with all their attendant ramifications for ecosystem structure and function.
The potential effects of factors unrelated to tidal inundation render elevational boundaries of native marsh plants unattractive as a general criterion for defining the upper edge of tidally influenced habitat.
Distribution of Notiosorex crawfordi and Sorex arizonae along an elevational gradient.
The recognition of the presence of this high-grade elevational horizon in multiple structures has greatly expanded the exploration potential of the 27- kilometres of mineralized structures contained within the 100%-owned Ocampo gold/silver project.
The exhibition thus comprised three conceptual pairs (plus the elegant Elevational Wedge, a broad Andre-like sheet of hot-rolled steel that leveled the subtly ramped floor in one of the galleries).
Another significant feature influencing the diversity of vegetation seems to be elevational range (Fig.