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He had shown signs of consciousness, and she had spoken to him, eliciting no response.
As for von Heumann, it had been enough to place the drenched wad first on his mustache, and then to hold it between his gaping lips; thereafter the intruder had climbed both ways across his shins without eliciting a groan.
Focusing on contemporary fine art photography including street photography and black and white photos of human and urban landscapes, Valerii Tkachenko captures real life in action eliciting an emotional response from those who enjoy his work.
Body product disgusts in particular showed an initial defensive response pattern: Instead of eliciting immediate attention, the onset of body product disgusts elicited sharp increases in negativity and arousal, and an acceleration of heart rate, indicating that the content was at first too disgusting to pay attention to.
The older adult population is in dire need of improved vaccines capable of eliciting protective responses in the face of a waning immune system.
This experiment utilized a blocked randomized design to investigate the impact of two adult questioning styles--vocabulary noneliciting questions and vocabulary eliciting questions--on the novel vocabulary learning of preschoolers enrolled in Head Start.
695); it is one of the innate, defensive reflexes of humans and other vertebrates that occur in response to unconditioned eliciting stimuli such as an unexpected loud noise.
A number of well-established health psychology models provide alternative approaches to eliciting behavior change.
Here I believe I can contribute some important data, for few other anglers can match my own distinguished record in the art of eliciting flight responses from virtually every kind of gamefish over a wide range of angling environments.
Authorities at Guantanamo dropped the chart's original title: "Communist Coercive Methods for Eliciting Individual Compliance.
International contributors to 26 chapters discuss strategies for eliciting emotion in the laboratory setting (e.
soldiers killed in Iraq erected by Jeff Heaton, a Vietnam War conscientious objector, are visible from a local commuter train station and a nearby freeway, eliciting protests from commuters.