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Second, when the parent was present during testing, the child was re-presented with the disgust elicitor, providing an opportunity for the parent to influence the child's response there and then.
Several studies have shown that other plant-derived chemicals can serve as natural elicitors, leading to changes in herbivore preference or rates of damage sustained.
A cultivated plant cell suspension culture with a high concentration of cell aggregates is an ideal target for the elicitor as cell aggregation is associated with secondary metabolite production (Bais et al.
Tokyo, Japan, Aug 4, 2006 - (JCN) - The National Institute of Agrobiological Science (NIAS) has discovered the protein 'CEBip', Chitin Elicitor Binding Protein and succeeded in the long awaited deciphering of the Amino-acid Sequence of the Elicitor, known as Chitin oligosaccharides.
Boue says, "or developing sprays or elicitor treatments that can be safely applied to soybean plants themselves.
The electronic activity diary used for the study was CHASE, Computerized Household Activity Scheduling Elicitor, as described in Doherty and Miller (2000).
Infant crying as an elicitor of parental behavior: An examination of two models.
The plant response apparently depends on the plant-challenger system and the type and strength of the elicitor.
Prior to his famous discussion invoking "self-love" as the elicitor of the products provided to us by the butcher, the baker, or the brewer, Smith offered an explanation of why appeals to self-interest are necessary:
The transformation elicitor must first understand its customers' aspirations before it can hope to affect the right change in particular traits - whether they be physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual - within that individual.
was a humorless and demanding elicitor, so hard on his informants that he was dismissed in 1984 from his research position with the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft's "Lesser-known Languages of Nepal" project.
Elicitor function of AgNPs through increased ROS formation and peroxidation of membrane lipids has been reported in certain fresh water microalgae [12].