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Foliar applications of elicitors were made using a hand-held spray bottle with a volume of 4 ml applied per plant.
HIS blends elicited by arthropod feeding (or oviposition) are typically chemically distinct from blends induced by mechanical damage alone, and their production is influenced by the presence of chemical elicitors in the oral secretions of feeding herbivores (Reymond, 2013; De Moraes et al.
Each module consisted of graded exposures to a particular adult disgust elicitor, which the child was asked to contact or interact with (their responses here forming the behavioral avoidance disgust score).
Existen pocos antecedentes sobre la utilizacion de este elicitor en el cultivo in vitro, aunque el efecto beneficioso del silicio en la nutricion en plantas ha sido estudiado en condiciones naturales (Epstein, 2001).
Con estos resultados se confirmo el hecho presentado por otros investigadores en el sentido de que la presencia del metabolito en el mediono se evidencia en cultivos que no han sido expuestos a un agente elicitor (Pineros, 2005; Liu, et al.
One of the most distinctive features of the emotion of disgust is the heterogeneity of its elicitors.
Several studies have shown that other plant-derived chemicals can serve as natural elicitors, leading to changes in herbivore preference or rates of damage sustained.
Zou's provocative foregrounding of the role of filmmaker as performative elicitor of multi-faceted truths of the past might be also indicative of theoretical as well as practical influences of the Caochangdi Workstation, the organizer of the Folk Memory Project and also a platform for the production and distribution of independent documentary and dance theater works that renowned documentary filmmaker Wu Wenguang operates together with his wife as well as creative partner Wen Hui.
So, their presence could benefit plant from the elicitor activity of this Trichoderma that induces plant defense mechanisms against the pathogen.
Furthermore, two rice genes, OsCIGR1 and OsCIGR2 have been shown to be rapidly induced in suspensioncultured cells of rice upon N-acetylchitooligosaccharide elicitor perception and exogenous gibberellins (Day et al.