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For example, Australian children aged from 2 to 16 years were exposed alone and with their parents to a range of disgust evoking elicitors.
More information and knowledge are still required to select treatments that can be used to stimulate the formation of elicitor compounds and create better combinations between specific elicitors and pre-treatments in order to improve osmotic stress tolerance.
17] Orban N, Boldizsar I, Szucs Z & Danos B (2008) Influence of different elicitors on the synthesis of anthraquinone derivatives in Rubia tinctorum L.
Specifically, beyond the aversions associated with oral incorporation (called "core disgust"), the following stimuli are known as reliable disgust elicitors (Haidt, McCauley, & Rozin, 1994): Body products (e.
Future research in this area should focus on non-toxic modes of action of the potential products, such as natural compounds acting as elicitors, regulators, inhibitors, enzymes, or repellents for pest control.
Contributors also address adaptation to the plant apoplast by pathogenic bacteria and specific issues related to Agobacterium (pathogenicity, biocontrol and evolution), Xyella fastidiosa (common genes and genomic breaks), the sugarcane pathogen Leifsonia xyli and Xanthomonas (biological insights based on genome sequencing), enterobacterial plant pathogens, Ralstonia solanacearum and bacterial wilt, Pseudomonas syringae (secretion systems, effector genes and the evolution of virulence), elicitors of innate immunity in plants, bacterial Type III effectors and their plant targets, cyclic Di-GMP signaling and the regulation of virulence, characteristics of native plasmids from plant pathogenic bacteria, and the use of bioinformatics in high-throughput sequencing technology.
cultures, responding to elicitors that are biologically or culturally
2005) reported the use of male chemical signals as elicitors of female quiescence (catalepsy) during copulation in the agelenid Agelenopsis aperta (Gertsch 1934).
Once we have a clearer picture of these meanings and how they are interwoven with other psychological, social and behavioral manifestation of anxiety, we can, once again, "zoom in" and try to unravel the dependencies between different aspects of fear and anxiety, their elicitors and the way we cope with them.
The results suggest that, although lobster hemocytes in vitro do not respond to a number of known ROS elicitors, PMA will stimulate a large HOCl response presumably involving the typical pathway of protein kinase C activation, translocation of cytosolic NADPH oxidase components to the site of enzyme assembly and cellular activation.