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For example, leading a whole class mathematics discussion requires one to be able to elicit mathematical ideas from students that can then be discussed in the class.
Yet the transcripts do reveal that members of the FOMC elicit laughter while making monetary policy.
In a recent pair of studies, we found that perinatal ETS exposure in rhesus monkeys elicits alterations in cell signaling in the developing brain akin to those identified for nicotine administration in rodents, including the up-regulation of nicotinic cholinergic receptors, a characteristic of chronic nicotineinduced neuronal stimulation (Slotkin et al.
As with standard EIA, related flaviviral infection may elicit cross-reactive test results.
For example, children who do not respond positively to social reinforcement often elicit disgust and discouragement from their counselors.
To explore further how interactions between the virus and these receptors might elicit cellular changes that contribute to HIV pathogenesis, his laboratory proceeded to run a series of experiments looking at protein kinases, enzymes important in relaying cellular signals.
A good advertisement "must be eight lines of text or less, include a graphic, elicit emotion and follow the three second rule," she said.
4] When an assessment of the subject's background and personality indicates a practiced con artist indisposed to confessing, a more practical and often achievable goal is to elicit false exculpatories and admissions of intentional misrepresentations.
She has that very giving side, which elicits trust, and because of that she can challenge students to step up to the next level.
The role of "teacher" elicits a strong role schema, and behaviors or characteristics that are inconsistent with the role schema become particularly noticeable.
Because the physician elicits information for diagnostic purposes, all existing severity measurement systems are diagnosisdependent.