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In his attack on Barker he elides furniture and scenery as when he claims that a photograph shows that a "setting used realistic furniture to reproduce the kind of 'fourth-wall' ambiance familiar to contemporary audiences" (55).
The ironies are worked for all they're worth - Ifan Meredith's moralistic judge Angelo becomes brothel owner Mistress Overdone, Eiry Thomas as the wronged Juliette elides into enthusiastic wrong-er Lucio.
The elision of phrases also contracts some four-measure phrases into three measures, as 1Tb (1) elides with 2T (mm.
And you can help prevent the fork From breaking or rusting in place by cleaning and lubing the shaft the gear elides on at least every six months.
Consequently, he elides slave narratives' seminal relation to the "breath" of gothic discourse.
It is not that Beneton is simply unconscious of these distinctions; but often he elides them.
This framework has several effects: it positions women as individually responsible for challenging rape: positions men as "better feminists" who educate women about appropriate responses to rape: elides the importance of feminist anti-rape activism; reinscribes whiteness: and depoliticizes feminist messages about rape.
I am uneasy about the word 'orthodoxy' here, which elides the differences among the critics supposedly belonging to each of these phases, providing them with a questionable unity, which Heusel's subsequent discussion rather undermines.
The marital union thereby created elides the woman entirely and substitutes for her the secret that she must become' (p.
As an institutionalized public management instrument, evaluation is often treated in the literature as an unalloyed good, but such a snap judgment elides the role of power relationships in evaluation praxis in terms of whether evaluation is capable of speaking truth to power, the ability of evaluation to shift relations of power within and between institutions, and the degree to which evaluation may seek power for its own interests.
A reference to professional sports thus elides into an image of violence--repeating a transition in a conversation of the three old men on the sidewalk, who speak first of Mike Tyson's boxing, and then of his long history of muggings.