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For loans benefiting from a guarantee and included in the Elide 2011's (52.
Conversely, this Eurocentric modernism elides all that lies outside its purview--the non-Western, the female, the poor, all of which constitute the global periphery-that is not only elided, but objectified, as the necessary condition of making the Western male the subject of history and social reality.
But in naming this survey of her recent work, Collins elides the specific narrative of her venture into Russia, instead encapsulating all the individuals in her films and photographs under the broad concept of history.
But division also reinforces unity as an ideal: the abstract goal of political unification elides both the real differences that have emerged between the two societies since division, and the differences within each of them.
And you can help prevent the fork From breaking or rusting in place by cleaning and lubing the shaft the gear elides on at least every six months.
Panetta's panaceatic prattle elides the fact that the war was conceived by the Bush White House to divide the country politically, and to the Democrats' disadvantage.
Consequently, he elides slave narratives' seminal relation to the "breath" of gothic discourse.
This framework has several effects: it positions women as individually responsible for challenging rape: positions men as "better feminists" who educate women about appropriate responses to rape: elides the importance of feminist anti-rape activism; reinscribes whiteness: and depoliticizes feminist messages about rape.
Her anachronistic use of "lesbian," while extensively rationalized and italicized for emphasis, is more apt to disconcert than to do the intellectual work intended: it elides the differences of the past rather than forcing us to examine them.
The entire quotation from the school's publication, which Navasky elides in your pages, reads as follows: "In January, 1945, we voted to finish History with Russian History instead of the last two years of American History.
And I cannot quarrel with his vivid tale of Mayan decline, but in every instance that he attempts to tie the Mayan fate to ours, he ignores or elides the facts.