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Second, FCR requires lemma rather than lexeme identity of the elided string.
In "Hadidja" (Comoros), a drowning-dreaming girl is accosted by "mi-femmes mi-fantomes" in the depths of a lake and then relives her young aunt's submission to a carnal fertility ritual which is elided with the sexual abuse of a white plantation owner ("le Colon").
specifically an Irish alien, and the Indian are virtually elided, so
In compacting the long manuscript for publication of True at First Light, Patrick Hemingway has elided two aspects that become depressing and tiresome in the African book: the endless killing of animals (many conveniently classified as "vermin" by the game regulations code) and the jejeune banter of Hemingway and G.
He persistently explores critical distinctions too frequently elided in the general run of Lacanian "applications," which tend so often to reduce to a binary the more complex web of subjectivity woven between the other and the Other, eliding the very incommensurability productive of desire.
The fifth essay begins a reassessment of Nietzsche's sustained meditation on the role art plays in making clearer to us the sorts of possibilities for human life that traditional philosophy and morality have elided.
The V&A has always elided the sociohistorical significance of its collection in order to promote a material, aesthetic viewing experience; in the text of the artist's book that accompanies the exhibition, Moti extends his critique of this practice to the museum's current form.
Reece concentrates on junctural metanalysis, the ways in which the beginnings or endings of words are dropped or elided with surrounding words to create a new pronunciation.
Swan shows how editors elided Cary's determinative role in the productive of the history; for those "who do not necessarily care about Cary," this analysis confirms the importance of textual scholarship for assessing early modernity.
In a sense, Himes's novel can be seen as a response to the "high modernist literature" that either elided black creative expression or sanitized it (Scruggs 211).
Substantial passages are repeated almost verbatim one page apart; necessary distinctions are omitted or deliberately elided, characterizations of the views of other thinkers are sloppy and tendentious.