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In so doing she elides differences of class and culture which may well have been quite significant.
Although critical of the management of the situation by himself and other top city officials, his account is unlikely to mollify peaceful activists or innocent passers-by shot by rubber bullets, tear-gassed, or otherwise abused by rioting police officers, as Stamper elides over the sequence of events concerning the use of force and blames the debacle on his own and others naivete, lack of resources, and the stereotypical thuggish anarchist bent on violence that is ubiquitous to police riots around the world.
And yet to date, institutional attempts to take stock of the diverse forms of cultural opposition to Slobodan Milosevic's regime have generally presented Serbian art within a pan-Balkan frame-work that elides the differences between various local and national contexts.
But while this stylistic choice serves to make his own text, like those he considers, more accessible to a popular audience, his running paraphrase elides the textual intricacies and allusions which make advice literature such an interesting cultural barometer.
Brown naturalizes his black dialect, softens and elides the sounds, and captures the inflection, the timbre, the racial sound of the vernacular.
Orchestrated by the artists' collective Bernadette Corporation ("150 writers, professional and amateur, have contributed to [this book]," the novel's preface declares), Reena Spaulings is a sprawling work of crypto-impressionistic fiction that purposefully elides individual authorship for a sort of rarefied mechanical groupthink.
11-17), which elides into other figures (lines 12-27) not discussed because seemingly less convenient, is tortured to refer to "the grotesque, open body," though what is either grotesque or open about it is never made clear and though the rest of the lines in the speech refer mostly to covered body parts.
He elides central events or leaves them offscreen, collapses fact and fiction, history and performance, moves between a multitude of characters without transitional devices, and fills his deep-focus, long-held compositions with so much quotidian detail that one's eye is left to roam a field of potential signifiers that may be mundane, even indifferent, but seem so implicative that they demand deciphering.
First of all, such a reading is made possible only if it elides the historical context informing this scene - Elizabeth's much criticized indecisiveness during Mary Stuart's trial.
Sandison's work is at its most interesting when it elides the boundary that separates order and chaos.
Haskin examines the way that Milton's use of the Latin ingenium has been rendered as "talents," an etymological anachronism that elides the discrepancy between seventeenth-century usage and its modern sense of natural ability.
While this authorial emphasis obviously elides the role of the stylist (a professional routinely credited in editorial style photography who often scripts the shoot, scouts locations, and dresses the models), so too does it obscure the web of visual influence--the intertextuality--of all forms of visual culture.