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Eliminating non-compatible castings begins with the quoting philosophy that not all castings are good castings, not all volume is good volume, and not all customers are good customers.
On the positive side, the Panel recommended eliminating the individual alternative minimum tax (AMT), which it calls "the most vivid example of the wasteful complexity that has been built into our tax system to limit the availability of some tax benefits.
Melissa Clark, Iowa Health Des Moines, says, "Our customers are excited we're eliminating trans fats and providing healthier versions of their favorite foods.
Besides eliminating dual social security coverage, another primary objective of totalization agreements is to cover workers under the system to which they anticipate having long-term ties, during both their working life and after retirement.
Identifying and eliminating or minimizing toxins in your environment is part of the process.
In Oregon, we call it clearcutting--the practice of chopping down large portions of timber forest with no thought for future growth or the environmental, economic, or aesthetic consequences of eliminating a valuable natural resource.
PALMDALE - Ten Palmdale School District custodians and other employees got a reprieve when trustees voted in favor of eliminating only four of 14 nonteaching jobs proposed for the chopping block.
Especially for companies that are continually audited, TEI recommends eliminating individual filings for each controlled foreign corporation (CFC) and substituting a schedule of CFCs containing key information, including the balance in the earnings and profits (E&P) and tax pools.
3v power supply, eliminating external regulators and reducing Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout area.
The strategy seeks to add proprietary features to open standards, making them easier to use with Microsoft products but at the same time eliminating their universal application.
They must also emphasize the lowering of the weight, pausing in the contracted position, and eliminating momentum during the raising phase.
Called SYON-5, it has four distinct modes of eliminating unhygienic odors in healthcare settings: