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1997) 'Criminal Policy and the Eliminative Ideal', Social Policy & Administration, 31 (5): 116-135
Eliminative materialists Paul Churchland and Patricia Churchland believe that if one cannot precisely identify in the brain the actual location of a belief, it does not exist.
We might call these reductionisms, cultural reductionism which seeks to explain asceticism in terms of politics and control of the body linked to power structures in a particular society, and eliminative reductionism which seeks to explain asceticism in terms of neurology and evolutionary psychology.
physical reductionism and for eliminative materialism.
We need a catchphrase that does not frame selection as inherently: (1) eliminative, (2) athletic, or (3) antagonistic.
Positive routines: A rapid alternative to extinction for eliminative of bedtime tantrum behavior.
Thus the main, eliminative form of their interest: philosophy has over the centuries devised many ingenious programs of emotional dissection and destruction, the better to facilitate the smooth application of cold logic.
This type of eliminative or explanatory reductionism, then, as the prevailing standard in current orthodoxy, may be seen to have its roots in the original Cartesian set of presuppositions, which has defined the categories and alternatives in terms of which the questions can be posed.
Hence, we need a more sophisticated theory of how these identities and differences develop, rather than resorting to the usual materialistic mechanism, eliminative materialistic theories, or functionalistic theories of mind.
There are helpful discussions placing Bacon in the context of the Epicurean concept of prolepsis or "anticipation," the regressus theory in sixteenth-century discussions of method, eliminative induction in Renaissance mechanics and mathematical physics, and classical versions of impetus theory.
The philosophy of mind and action has long contained arguments for various forms of material reductionism and for eliminative materialism.
He then reviews a number of variants of evolutionary epistemology and concludes with a description of Patricia and Paul Churchland's eliminative materialism, a radical doctrine that attempts to rid science studies of all folk psychology--the philosopher's term for explanations that refer to beliefs, desires, and intentions.