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Eliminative Materialism and the Propositional Attitudes.
The questions' eliminative character didn't stop over 400 respondents from answering an informal survey on Facebook, attesting to a persisting interest in classical music.
Selection of the microbial source for pectinase production depends on several features, such as the type of culture (solid-state or submerged fermentation), number and type of the produced pectinases (esterases, hydrolytic depolymerases and eliminative depolymerases), pH and thermal stability of the enzymes [1,10-13].
In its most extreme forms, Strategy A can rationalise 'the eliminative ideal' (Rutherford 1997)--the idea that troublesome people can be made to go away.
Sweating reduces the waste removal burden on the kidneys, liver, and eliminative organs.
Eliminative materialists Paul Churchland and Patricia Churchland believe that if one cannot precisely identify in the brain the actual location of a belief, it does not exist.
We might call these reductionisms, cultural reductionism which seeks to explain asceticism in terms of politics and control of the body linked to power structures in a particular society, and eliminative reductionism which seeks to explain asceticism in terms of neurology and evolutionary psychology.
Eliminative behavior Behaviors associated with elimination of bodily waste.
Reactive * Ingestive * Eliminative * Sexual * Caregiving and care-seeking * Agonistic * Mimicry * Investigative * Grooming * Sleep and rest
physical reductionism and for eliminative materialism.
We need a catchphrase that does not frame selection as inherently: (1) eliminative, (2) athletic, or (3) antagonistic.
Goldiamond, 1974) in accords with the goals of The Federal Bureau of Prisons--many practitioners in the name of "behavior modification" supported a purely eliminative approach, often employing aversive procedures.