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The environmental situation for this world is serious and by recycling PVCu , glass, metals, and other plastics Elixir has not only provided important employment opportunities for local people, but also diverted over 5,000 tonnes of waste from landfill and saved over 12,000 tons of CO2 emissions," he said.
To build upon the excellent results of the DESolve FIM study, Elixir has initiated a pivotal trial, the DESolve Nx, which is currently enrolling 120 patients across Europe, New Zealand and Brazil.
Elixir Group operates a specialist PVC-u recycling centre which collects and prepares the PVC-u double glazed doors and windows for refining ready to be sent to be recycled into new PVC-u and other plastic products.
Premiered in 1832, ``The Elixir of Love'' tells the story of a young woman, Adina, who must choose between a peasant boy, Nemorino, and a strong young soldier, Sgt.
Elixir utilizes the powerful macrocyclic lactone class of drugs, which have established safety and efficacy profiles, including Novolimus, an internally-developed mTOR inhibitor and metabolite of Sirolimus, as well as Myolimus, licensed from Novartis Pharma AG for site specific drug delivery applications.
The Elixir of Love,'' starring Thomas Allen and Ramon Vargas, runs through May 5.
I am also pleased with the multiple sizes of scaffolds that Elixir has available for this pivotal trial in order to readily support different coronary vessel requirements.
The Elixir DESyne BD Stent uses a proprietary technology to enable an ultrathin (< 3 microns) drug-polymer coating without the need for an underlying primer layer.
Elixir Medical's DESolve scaffold has the potential for returning diseased coronary vessels to their original, de novo state," said Stefan Verheye, MD.