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The FW17 haute couture collection, Sophia the Goddess, taps into the princess's life after finding the elixir of life and mastering the secrets of alchemy.
Kevorkian finds that the character of Vine, which as he notes has been associated with Hawthorne by most interpreters of Claret, provides the opportunity to find Melville's response to both Emerson's Conduct of Life and Hawthorne's Elixir of Life in a poem that finds meaning in communal acts of hope.
When Konrad contracts a strange and allegedly incurable disease, Victor is determined to help him and consults an alchemist who agrees to produce an elixir of life, following a recipe from an ancient book from Victor's father's forbidden Dark Library.
The officers had a long night vigil waiting for the return of the moonshiner, who at six in the morning came on the job and proceeded to fill some of the bottles with a new elixir of life.
Water is the elixir of life and a basic need for all living things.
When it appears that his twin might not recover from a mysterious illness, he cannot contain his fascination with the Dark Library, nor can he resist creating the Elixir of Life to heal his brother.
MAYBE it's the elixir of life - but whatever keeps Simon Shaw running, Wasps boss Shaun Edwards wants him to buy a round this Christmas.
Lattakia, Syrian Coast, (SANA) -- Ancient civilizations have described dates as the Elixir of Life and considered it as the symbol of fertility and glory.
Research proves that happy people live longer, but the elixir of life doesn't come in a jar; what makes you truly happy is often intangible.
In modern times, in a unique and a fruitful marriage, the two giant organisations--a multinational and a UN agency--have come together to provide the elixir of life to those who have been deprived of it.
Alchemy, a 17th-century discipline that sought to change metals into gold and discover an elixir of life, among other things, was often called "chymistry" in its time.
Many would think that cigar smoke is injurious to health; but only God knows, to me it was an elixir of life.