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This class, called the class of elliptically contoured (or simply elliptical) distributions, includes the familiar Normal distribution and shares many of its familiar properties.
In other words, though one senses that Fowler broadly approves of the ideas and the tenacity of the cultural avatars he elliptically profiles, it seems irrelevant whether we agree with his subjects or even whether we judge them.
Instead, both measures sought to "cap" programs elliptically referred to as "entitlements" or "mandatory spending.
But the self-positionings also elliptically express his sense of having been in middle ground 'between' his Co-Directors in the more mundane realm of their personal transactions.
Here, Michon's prose moves with that curious combination of effortlessness and muscular self-display from a telescoped text on a photograph of Beckett, to a roaming meditation on Flaubert, to another photograph, this time of Faulkner, to a fourteenth-century treatise by Muhamad Ibn Mangli on the Commerce des grands de la terre avec les betes sauvages du desert sans onde, ending with a longer amusing musing elliptically circling around Hugo's Booz endormi.
Ashbery reminds us, elliptically, "how a question can just go out / like a pilot light.
Surpassing the Alto Lusso building in Cardiff as the tallest residential building in Wales, the elliptically shaped structure will also be taller than the Capitol Tower (Pearl House) office block in Cardiff.
motif that resurfaces elliptically at the end of the novel, then, serves
The only known survivor - unfazed by rounds and rounds of gunfire - says, eerily and elliptically, of his colleagues, ``They changed.
The Gene for Music" is a three-page prose narrative that elliptically, but movingly.