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The separation of Executive Language Tutors' Elocution Lessons for Children, Free Elocution Lessons for Kids, Kids' Elocution Classes Online, Kids' Elocution eCourses and LAMDA Courses for Children will enable the service to offer parents and carers a range of specialised elocution and accent reduction programmes for children and young learners.
She was publicly humiliated by her first hubby Ashley, the cheating scoundrel, then she was axed from her duties on the US X Factor as nobody could understand that accent, even after elocution lessons
Saudi kindergarten teacher and elocution expert Bahisa Al-Arabi has launched a worthwhile initiative under the slogan 'Be a Different Bride.
ELOCUTION lessons were part and parcel of English language, literature and drama Llessons.
Short of sending Ross away for some emergency elocution lessons so he comes back sounding like Prince William, how exactly is Robert going to get out of this one?
KARACHI -- Inter Collegiate Bilingual Elocution Contest 2014 was held at Defence Housing Authority's (DHA) Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed (SKBZ) College here on Wednesday.
The Science India Forum (SIF-UAE) organised a nation-wide elocution competition to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda.
Speak Easily, a provider of elocution lessons in London, announced on Friday that it has published How to Lose Your Accent by its founder Morwenna Rowe, as an eBook for speakers of English as a second language.
She used to give elocution lessons and run a drama group from her house in Gray's Road, Stockton.
BROKEN PROMISES I cannot subscribe any more To this futility known as war No long-term benefits And nothing so befits The death and destruction wrought to my door Political leaders fight tooth and nail for their job Which usually turns out to be corn on the cob They blame all except themselves Myth, legend and the under twelves The buck they pass so fast in one they rob Please don't ask me for a contribution I can see through your elocution And your well rehearsed lies But I can't see the flies Through their footprint is on your constitution Love is like a warm spring day Promises, promises up and away But, of course, the recent stamp Has made spring-time rather damp Overcast with outlook so leaden grey Jock Brownlee Wood End Coventry