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PROUD MOMENT: Presentation of bench at Moldgreen Church (tmchud280208-Ke02908); TALENTED YOUNGSTERS: (below left) Elocution (Under 9) Class students six-year old Sandra Waterhouse, of Jagger Hill, and Keith Roberts (who is five), of Leeds Road (tmchud280208-Ke08550); TOP OF THE CLASS: More competitors at the event (below right) tmchud280208-Ke08549)
Having chatted to Gregory earlier in the season I know he'll have done plenty of homework - in fact Juninho has already been spotted having Brummie elocution lessons.
The 25-year-old Geordie is set to begin elocution lessons to lose her Northern lilt - after telly mogul Simon Cowell booked her in with a top Hollywood voice coach.
When I was a girl we all had elocution lessons so that people knew what we were saying.
MICHELLE has asked Stu for elocution lessons when they leave Big Brother.
She has, she confirmed,had to have elocution lessons as well: ``The character I play is very well-spoken.
I definitely haven't changed it or had elocution or anything since I started.
Pupils of a Holmfirth elocution teacher who took speech and drama exams have been successful.
SCOTS Radio 1 star Edith Bowman was told to have elocution lessons when she moved to London.
Oh and about Becks he could do with spending some of his money on elocution lessons.
As an ex-soldier and pensioner, I cringe to think this footballer is going to be paid pounds 90,000 per week, but with some of the money I suggest at least he takes elocution lessons.
But, really, apart from an MBA from Harvard Business School, years of experience in the oil industry, faultless drama school elocution and 100 per cent blood ties, what's Anna got that Carl hasn't?