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Likewise, the few authors who pointed at breathing as the main justification of stops, used syntactic and semantic principles in their definitions (Miege 1688, Hodges 1653: 42) so that only a limited number of them stuck just to breathing or elocutionary reasons (Coote 1597, Daines 1640, Mather 1685, Hawkins 1692).
Noting the somewhat forgotten importance of ThelwalTs elocutionary theory, practice, and strategies takes us back to the influence he may have had on some of his more famous contemporaries.
Rather than proffering the concept of rhetoric as "a bag of elocutionary techniques and propagandistic protocols", Nichols instead argues for the following remarks: (rhetoric is) "embodied, impassioned, situated and purposeful.
Rhetorical and elocutionary training in nineteenth-century colleges.
Each meeting also had a "special feature" that was the evening's main attraction, such as a lecture, an authorial reading, an elocutionary recitation, or the staging or reading of a one-act play.
35) It seems, however, that Germann's mention of his "children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren" does not reveal his true intentions, but is the same kind of elocutionary device as his appeal to the countess as "a wife, mistress, mother," and that in fact he is after money only for the sake of money.
Jamison now engages in a bit of reconstructive history, for her made more certain by the elegant argument that has led up to it: the function, imbued with such power, of the Vedic poet could not possibly have vanished with the Vedic sacrificial cult (as the words of the Veda were being transformed into fixed mantras, forever frozen, where elocutionary novelty was the worst of dangers):
It is a cliche by now that emotive and elocutionary power has shifted from the novel to electronic media.
In his retort to Faust's distrust of words that do not have their source in one's feelings, Wagner, who is keen on improving his elocutionary skills, extols the virtue of looking to former times for guidance.
Thus, the elocutionary movement blended together rhetoric and science, passionate utterances and rational discourse, in an effort to construct what I will call a grammar of the passions.
Analyzing outcomes and methods of oral interviews designed to assess speaking proficiency in second-language learners, Brown (educational assessment, Ministry of Higher Education, United Arab Emirates) investigates whether the outcomes from one interviewer to another might be influenced by problems such as an inconsistency of questions, a lack of equivalence of different sets of questions in terms of elocutionary acts, and variation in content selection.
As a lecturer he was not simply a performer following the rules of his elocutionary art.