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ELOPEMENT. This term is used to denote the departure of a married woman from her husband, and dwelling with an adulterer.
     2. While the wife resides with her husband, and cohabits with him, however exceptionable her conduct may be, yet he is bound to provide her with necessaries, and to pay for them; but when she elopes, the husband is no longer liable for her alimony, and is not bound to pay debts of her contracting when the separation is notorious; and whoever gives her credit under these circumstances, does so at his peril. Chit. Contr. 49; 4 Esp. R. 42; 3 Pick. R. 289; 1 Str. R. 647, 706; 6 T. R. 603; 11 John. R. 281; 12 John. R. 293; Bull. N. P. 135; Stark. Ev. part 4, p. 699.

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While eloping, children with Asperger's disorder were more frequently described by their parents as anxious; children with ASD were more frequently described as happy, playful or exhilarated.
Confirming the incident, provincial governor Ghulam Dastageer Azad said couple was shot dead by extremists in front of a mosque after they were caught eloping.
They dated for about 4 years before eloping at the Santa Ana City Hall.
Other plot threads are nicely woven into this historical romance: women participating in the labor force; an almost-engagement broken by a boyfriend eloping with another girl; social attitudinal changes in the generation ahead of Maddy and Ruth's: an ill-conceived but valiant attempt on the young women's parts to dupe others into believing Maddy's pregnancy is really Ruth's.
The 436-page book details about 1,100 weddings between 1825 and 1855 in the Scottish town, famous as a destination for eloping couples.
IN A shocking incident, an Uttar Pradesh resident has allegedly raped and killed his 17- year- old daughter for eloping with her boyfriend.
Soon, the villagers held a court at Basbitta village where the eloping couple was produced for trial.
The 43-year-old former chat show host got married for the second time on Easter Sunday after eloping with Christian Evans, who she has dated for seven months.
New Delhi, Jan 8 (ANI): Actress Kate Hudson would prefer eloping to getting married in a "big production" like setting.