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The panel elucidated that the pathophysiology of dilutional hyponatremia in long distance runners is multifactorial, combining intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors.
Recent work at NIST has elucidated means of consistently preparing high quality H-Si(111) surfaces.
Now that the human genome sequences have been elucidated and our knowledge of genes is beginning to expand, one of the most important challenges for pharmaceutical companies is how to efficiently use genomic information in R&D activities to strengthen their new product pipeline," said Toichi Takenaka,Yamanouchi's chief executive officer.
Our knowledge of the mechanism of peroxisome proliferation has advanced greatly over the past 10 years; however, the actual mechanistic events involved in the carcinogenicity of DEHP or other peroxisome proliferators have not been adequately elucidated.
When the first bacterial genome sequences were elucidated, it was not surprising that a significant percentage (35%-45%) of identified ORFs either were of unknown function or had no database match.
elucidated that the concentration of antibodies used as tags to identify biomarkers of interest in patient tissue dramatically affects the apparent relationship between the biomarker's expression and clinical outcome.
The subsequent sections of the dance, which bring on other dancers, are denoted by phrases--"How sweet the silent backward tracings" or "I stand as on some mighty eagle's beak"--which imply a great deal that is not elucidated by the dancing.
Bevilacqua (1920-1968), American polymer scientist, who elucidated the thermal oxidative degradation mechanism of natural rubber by combining measurement of oxygen absorption, stress relaxation, swelling, and isolation of oxidation products.
In the more than 50 years since the first documented observation of tin whiskers, a fundamental mechanism of tin whisker formation has never been fully elucidated.
The internationally operating AnalytiCon Discovery GmbH is a worldwide market-leader in the field of structurally fully elucidated natural product libraries.
Specifically, the partners have elucidated that several polyphenols in L.
Because this is a phenotypic system, any company with a new oncogene can utilize it to commence drug discovery long before the signal pathway of a new oncogene has been elucidated," says Martina Molsbergen, Zetiq's VP of Business Development.