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In contrast, he was bitterly opposed to the policies of persecution pursued by Calvin and Beza, although, as with other magisterial reformers, he hid his criticism of the founders of his own church in his elucidations, while bestowing formal accolades in the body of his text.
The problem with the second tendency is more subtle: despite its polemical thrust, attacking Heidegger for misrepresenting the poems he discusses cannot be considered critical in any genuine sense, for Heidegger never denies that his elucidations depart from the rules of philology and run counter to the hermeneutic practices through which the meaning of poetic texts is established.
International Commission (ARCIC) dialogue of the sixties and seventies, its Windsor Agreed Statement on the Eucharistic doctrine (1971), and the subsequent 23 years of elucidations and dialogue.