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Leeman gives us an astonishingly scrupulous account of Twombly's painterly and textual maneuvers within that arena of shattered European humanism, and we benefit immensely from the author's ability to provide elucidations of every mythological and philosophical allusion, of the poetry and literature of antiquity invoked in Twombly's abstract neoclassicism.
I know we are supposed to provide readers with elucidations and clarity but all I can suggest is that you try them all, except that the English Heritage thing is not yet on line and the others will take years to complete.
In contrast, he was bitterly opposed to the policies of persecution pursued by Calvin and Beza, although, as with other magisterial reformers, he hid his criticism of the founders of his own church in his elucidations, while bestowing formal accolades in the body of his text.
The problem with the second tendency is more subtle: despite its polemical thrust, attacking Heidegger for misrepresenting the poems he discusses cannot be considered critical in any genuine sense, for Heidegger never denies that his elucidations depart from the rules of philology and run counter to the hermeneutic practices through which the meaning of poetic texts is established.
International Commission (ARCIC) dialogue of the sixties and seventies, its Windsor Agreed Statement on the Eucharistic doctrine (1971), and the subsequent 23 years of elucidations and dialogue.
In any case, what makes Greenblatt's chapter sing is an almost New Critically intense, loving, gorgeously phrased attention -- with some fresh elucidations of individual moments -- to the network of Shakespeare's imagery and what it tells us about a great spiritual theme -- the human disgust at "enfleshment" (160).
Neither Nagel nor Schapiro was in any sense a Wittgensteinian, but their work really does consist in elucidations and clarifications.
It is a model enshrined, as we all know, in umpteen homiletic elucidations warning against the inclinations of our infected will battling tragically against our erected wit, and it