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The Shah Dheri kaolin is processed by elutriation, which produces three grades of kaolin based on the physico- chemical
United's 12,000-sq-ft reclaim plant includes a large Vecoplan ReTech shredder, a Cumberland granulator, and three elutriators (air separators) from Sterling Elutriation in Forest, Va.
Neural differentiation in the OTT-6050 mouse teratoma: production of a tumor fraction showing melanogenesis in neuroepithelial cells after centrifugal elutriation.
There was no evidence of an increase in the elutriation of fines or the formation of tars as the co-firing ratio of sewage sludge and coal was increased.
An inexpensive and simple elutriation device for separation of invertebrates from sand and gravel.
The Zeppelin team will install apart from 24 silos the complete conveying system (pneumatic conveying of additives and polymer powder for extrusion and the discharge of pellets into the logistic center), elutriation system, distribution on trucks, connection with existing parts of the plant, as well as discharge facility and warehouse.
Successful fractionation (with recovery of more than 90% of mononuclear cells) has since been achieved using counterflow elutriation, gelatin, Ficoll, or hydroxy ethyl starch.
Experience with polymers has indicated that settling, sludge thickening, and elutriation can be improved with their use in primary treatment.
space with an expansive view of Park Avenue, that includes an Elutriation System, highly sophisticated scientific equipment that separates cells according to size.
8 Employees Management Morafco Industries -- Employees Management Swat Elutriation Plant -- Sahib Sultan Enter Textile Machinery Co.
The Swat Elutriation plant produces China Clay which is not suitable for use in sanitary-ware and wall-tile products even though the feasibility study for the scheme had approved the quality of the clay.
Some of the new experiments include ultra-sonic level controllers on the columns, and varying the air elutriation system both on the column and in the feed.