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3 mM EDTA, the monocytes were isolated by counterflow elutriation using the JE-6B elutriation system (Beckman Instruments, Palo Alto, CA) as described previously (Grage-Griebenow et al.
Chen, "Fluidized Bed Freeboard Phenomena: Entrainment and Elutriation," AIChE J.
Those particles small and/or light enough to be still capable of being carried by the air current continue their journey through the system, entering a Negretti elutriation filter designed to allow passage to only [PM.
The evaluation of neutral density separation utilizing Ficoll-sodium diatrizoate and Nycodenz and centrifugal elutriation in the purification of bovine and canine islet preparations.
1998) practised elutriation of sieved samples in a denser solution.
Taylor adds that Sterling-Hempstead operates a 4,000-square-foot research and development test facility that includes two elutriation systems for testing customer materials.
Deposits resulting from eruption column collapse in a sub-aqueous environment are generally depleted in fine pyroclastic material, reflecting elutriation of this material via hydraulic sorting during flow movement (Fiske and Matsuda, 1964; Stix, 1991; McPhie et al.
Briefly, the procedure involves perfusing the lung to remove blood, removing free AMs by BAL, digestion of lung tissue with elastase, and purification of type II cells by centrifugal elutriation.
As announced in DFI's news release of July 31, 2003, Gondwana (Investments) SA is transferring a 100% interest in the exploration licenses to DFI, as well as full ownership rights to all exploration tools, vehicles and equipment owned by Gondwana in Sierra Leone including all of the equipment (except the elutriation column which is on loan from Gondwana) in the heavy mineral processing laboratory.