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So Calloway started the Vanessa Bell Calloway Fund at Jackson State University with Lackey to help emancipated youth with the demands scholarships and loans seem to forget exist.
The majority of other emancipated slaves went to a small village just outside of Misurata, called Tawergha.
We evaluated the behavior and movement of emancipated Coho Salmon in the lower Cowlitz River to determine if these fish initiated downstream movements to the ocean or remained in the system.
A lot of women claim to be independent and emancipated, but yet they expect their men to dish out for their expenses.
Each of these representations is expressed with linked to the different hegemonic and emancipated dimensions.
Venture Smith and the Business of Slavery and Freedom provides a book that began in 2006, where a team of forensic scientists excavated the graves of emancipated slaves Venture Smith and his wife Margaret.
3) Most minors reach the age of majority at eighteen without being emancipated.
Many of her works explore the contradictory attractions of emancipated female roles and her romantic dreams postulated by popular and traditional culture, simultaneously questioning how to be an artist in such a situation.
She contrasts the public display of flesh that positioned the dancers as a sexual commodity, with the desexed and defeminized portrayal of emancipated women.
The picture of her emancipated body in the Record was sickening.
Having had an episode of homelessness after emancipation is associated with worse health access, but not worse outcomes, among youth emancipated from foster care.