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Lewis Tappan, whose Emancipator had condemned Seward's response to the abolitionists' three questions before the 1838 gubernatorial election, wrote to say that he had read Seward's recent letter and had
He added: "They were using the arch built by the Great Catholic emancipator Daniel O'Connell to light fires so they could do their drugs.
Lincoln was the Great Emancipator of the black slaves but not the civil libertarian whom many 20th-century interpreters make him out to be.
The Emancipator & Republican echoed Giddings's sentiment in an editorial published the same day.
Emancipator SN: IgA nephropathy: morphologic expression and pathogenesis.
Library shelves and personal collections are not lacking for books about The Great Emancipator, but this insightful, informative examination of the road to the eventual abolition of slavery will be welcomed.
In contrast with his extensive treatment of Woodrow Wilson, for instance, Babbitt's near silence regarding the Great Emancipator hardly seems to merit passing comment let alone close analysis.
This was based on the discovery of love letters from Joshua Speed, a longtime companion of the great emancipator.
There are a couple of factual errors (the great Dalit emancipator was Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar) and some questionable historical interpretations, especially concerning missionaries and Dalits, but this is a solid, original, and authentically Dalit work.
In his promotional literature, Little Richard is described as "the originator, the innovator, the emancipator, the architect of rock 'n roll".
Thomas Jefferson's magnificent assertion in the Declaration of Independence that all men were created equal laid the cornerstone of freedom, which the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln, was later to confirm.
Supporters of the Patient Self-Determination Act proclaim it as the emancipator of free choice and open discourse on the subject of a patient's right to choose the extent of medical treatment he or she desires.