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Objective knowledge of the metaphorical versus medical meanings of these words and expressions, particularly when contrasted with the history of emasculated men, could ultimately help contest negative stereotyping of castration, and perhaps help PCa patients better adapt to ADT.
Afterwards, a fine-mesh drawstring bag was placed over the emasculated flower to exclude pollinators.
At the heart of the story and the embodiment of the western world's uncaring ineptitude is the character portrayed by Nick Nolte, a UN commander on the ground who starts off emasculated and ends up angry, and still emasculated.
In particular she writes, stereotypes about the oversexed, too-strong black women and the emasculated, hypersexual black man continue to influence our behavior as we challenge, and even channel, those myths in sometimes destructive ways.
Now that AJR has had a chance to deposit what I presume was a hefty check from the American Hospital Association for its pullout in the April/May issue, it would be nice to see a story about how the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act has emasculated local news coverage and provoked paranoia and secrecy among entities not even covered by the law.
I would be amazed if there were not scope for savings at the DTI but I do not want its services emasculated.
Even the Department of Agriculture, which is notoriously emasculated when it comes to enforcing federal standards, can, after a major food poisoning incident, temporarily stop production at an unsanitary meat packing plant, fine the plant, and re-visit for a new round of inspections in six months.
In addition, other key components of our national security have been emasculated or diverted from what should be their primary objectives.
In an era when bland tracks have emasculated so many rounds, while team tactics and two-way telemetry fuel the suspicion that drivers are becoming spare parts in the machine, Monaco is a glorious maverick - the ultimate test of skill and nerve for men who, these days, so rarely have the chance to prove just what makes them so special.
Even welfare itself was sexualized in the reformers' overheated imaginations: It had "cuckholded" black men, usurping their rightful place as breadwinners, leaving them emasculated and demoralized.
I n contrast to the powerful mayors who have led the renaissance of so many European cities, local political leadership in Britain has reached a historical nadir (although an emasculated Ken Livingstone has spiritedly donned the mantle of London mayor).
I will not miss the emasculated government members howling because they do not understand the difference between intelligent heckling and boorish noise.