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It was clear Murray was in the mood for emasculation early on, as he had thudded a blistering serve into the crown jewels of a statelylooking line judge.
Iran's nuclear behavior: the gender dimension According to this thought-provoking essay by scholar Maysam Behravesh, for many in the Iranian body politic, not least the leadership, nuclearity passes as masculinity, hence denuclearization as emasculation.
Rs 100,000 would be paid to passenger in case of loss of thumb or fingers of hand or toe or fracture of dislocation of bone or emasculation or loss of one eye of the passenger.
Then there is the brutal attack on the tourist industry through the virtual emasculation of the hotels sector by civil servants and religious zealots who insist on dictating "lifestyle choices" to everyone else, while pursuing their own agendas.
Aggressive treatment as emasculation was done in 1 case and inguinal lymphadenectomy in 3 cases (Table 1).
Tens of millions of Egyptians still suffer the indignities that drove them into the streets in January 2011, but they can do nothing about their condition of political emasculation in the face of the three forces that have now combined to run the power structure: the armed forces, with their 62 years of experience in low-quality governance; tens of billions of dollars of aid from the Gulf states; and a population with tens of millions of fearful citizens who crave the promise of stability under a military strongman, but may soon discover that the promise is a false one.
the final part of an emasculation that was carried out every day in word and deed.
As a Welsh person of the left who deeply regrets the emasculation of the Labour movement by soulless, middle-class, English apparatchiks, I urge my Scottish friends to be be bold and vote Yes tomorrow.
The emasculation of the content of the Chilcot report only goes to confirm in concrete the public's conception of Blair's integrity.
Up until that point though his very lantern-jawed presence on my telly heaped one humiliating emasculation upon another - not helped by the other half's tendency to shoot me pitying "Never mind dear, I don't really mind that you can't so much as wire a plug or put up a shelf"-type glances each time he appeared.
Wattoo said the PPP considered the minorities as its constituency and therefore would not allow the emasculation of their cause for empowerment come what may.
A Yes vote would not only herald the end of the 300-year-old union between the Scots and the English, it would lead to the emasculation of the Labour Party as a UK-wide political force and more or less permanent Conservative government south of the border.