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This linear intervention expression assumes that the effect of the embargo on the asset price series is constant each period (see Box and Tiao, [1975]).
Does the tightening of the embargo create a situation that will make stability, let alone democracy, more difficult to obtain?
In some ways, the embargo has been lethally efficient.
If the United States really wants to prevent our missile export, it should lift the economic embargo as early as possible and make a compensation for the losses to be caused by discontinued missile export," read a statement broadcast by Pyongyang's official mouthpiece, the Korean Broadcast Agency.
The oil ministry says that after the oil embargo, its export policy will be price sensitive and flexible.
arms embargo on Bosnia only six months after the green light decision.
On January 19, 1998, 54 bishops sent a letter to President Bill Clinton asking him to end the embargo which has been in effect since 1990.
Foreign Office sources told PA that any applications for weapons sales in Indonesia would be closely examined after the embargo lapses.
owes it as much as $80 billion to compensate for the 40-year-old trade embargo.
The only people the embargo is hurting are the Cuban citizens, who certainly could use the cheaper food that could come from American farmers, and the American farmers, who could use another market to sell their products.
The Dutch embargo ended 72 hours later, on March 24, but restrictions on the movement of food to Germany remained.
Due to the fact that the Respondents represent and constitute the only self-styled "superpower" sitting as one of the five Permanent Members of the Security Council, the Respondents have repeatedly and abusively used and threatened to use their voting power and their so-called "veto power" to continue the international economic embargo upon Iraq in a manner that is ultra vires the "primary responsibility" for the maintenance of international peace and security that has been conferred upon the Security Council by Article 24(1) and (2) of the United Nations Charter: "2.