embargoed goods

See: contraband
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The Minsk talks also touched upon the Russian ban of food imports from Western countries and the issue of embargoed goods being actively shipped to Moscow via Belarus.
Reuters pointed out that people and companies who attempt to bypass the embargo would have a hard time, since both EU and Russian officials will be on the lookout for large-scale importers trying to smuggle in embargoed goods via third countries.
Target countries can easily sell embargoed goods to other countries.
member nations would stop vessels plying to and from North Korea and conduct inspections to check whether they are carrying arms and other embargoed goods at sea.
But before bidding could start in earnest, the listing was removed by eBay because it breached their strict policy on embargoed goods.
The leaders of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, which share a customs-free zone, have discussed measures to prevent illegal supplies of embargoed goods to Russia, the Kremlin said Wednesday.