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The hurry, confusion, and excitement connected with the embarkation had scarcely subsided, when the Provincials were appalled by the work of their own hands The novelty and peculiarity of their situation could not but force itself upon the attention of even the unreflecting soldiery; stationed in the midst of a beautiful and fertile country, they suddenly found themselves without a foe to subdue, and without a population to protect.
He took the train that night for London, and five days after shook hands in farewell of his brothers at the port of embarkation.
Monseigneur, I believe you will find nowhere so much zeal and intelligence, so much real bravery, as in Raoul; but if he failed to arrange your embarkation, you would only meet the fate that you deserve.
These were hastily requisitioned, and by the time Akut and his followers came down to the water all was ready for embarkation.
I recognized the face of my friend Gordon Doyle, whom I had met in Liverpool on the day of my embarkation, when he was himself about to sail on the steamer City of Prague, on which he had urged me to accompany him.
In the meanwhile, I was to seek out a lawyer, who was an Appin Stewart, and a man therefore to be wholly trusted; and it should be his part to find a ship and to arrange for Alan's safe embarkation.
Those are as fixed as fate, and my voyage is only now delayed until the weather shall permit my embarkation.
I have not recorded the fidelity with which my warm- hearted little friend followed me to the place of embarkation when I sailed for Central America, or the noisy transport of joy with which he received me when we next met in London.
The airport is being developed in two stages, with the first phase being implemented between 2011 and 2017 on a 206-hectare plot of land and aims at accelerating the embarkation process for Hajj pilgrims, Sumarju Saeni, the spokesman of the Lampung provincial administration.
According to a press release issued by the naval authorities, PNS Aslat reached al Mukallah port on April 2, but Yemeni authorities had restricted movement of people from the assembly point to the port for embarkation due to the fluid security situation in the city.
However, to ensure safety, Yemeni authorities imposed restriction on movement of personnel from assembly point to port city for embarkation onboard ship due to prevailing security situation in the city.
The Yemeni authorities have allotted a time slot for embarkation to the Chinese ship only for tomorrow morning.