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People are staying in constant fear because Sarada river embarkment is becoming weak would be broken at anytime.
During the war, young socialist militants regularly turned up at army recruitment stations and embarkment depots with antiwar leaflets and, according to secret reports to the minister of the interior, sometimes managed to smuggle these tracts into army barracks.
FIGURE 6 Differences Between Severance and Consequential Damages Severance Damages Consequential Damages Directly linked to partial Linked to whole property, taking property rights not taken Value of the remainder Value of the entire is decreased property is decreased Statutory remedy Common-law remedy Compensable under Damages under inverse condemnation condemnation Suit filed by condemnor, Suit filed by claimant if the owner disagrees (owner) to obtain re- with the amount of covery for the compensation offered damages Examples: Landlocked, Examples: Relocation of irregular shape, small a road, change in parcels, excessive zoning, off and on slope flooding due to highway way embarkment, elevation of street
50 Mtr wide Service road and Construction of Storm water Drain along Master Road between Sector 66/67, 65/64, 65/66, 64/67,62/65,63/64,62/63,61/60, 58/61 5/61,59/61,59/60,58/59,61/62,60/63 out of sector 56,Gurgoan of earth work in embarkment,supply and laying of granular sub Base,wet mix macadam,Providing and Laying of prime Coat Track 50mm thick dense Bitiminous mascadem 25mm thick Semi Bituminous
Annual Multi-Cultural Business Youth Educational Services Embarkment, Danbury