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These volumes were my study day and night, and my familiarity with them increased that regret which I had felt, as a child, on learning that my father's dying injunction had forbidden my uncle to allow me to embark in a seafaring life.
One is that the judges, who are to be the interpreters of the law, might receive an improper bias, from having given a previous opinion in their revisionary capacities; the other is that by being often associated with the Executive, they might be induced to embark too far in the political views of that magistrate, and thus a dangerous combination might by degrees be cemented between the executive and judiciary departments.
Seeing a Ferryman in his boat he paid something for his passage and was about to embark.
The road to Cucao was so very bad that we determined to embark in a
Ms Al Saffar embarks on her latest 15-day adventure on August 1.
After an unsuccessful attempt to sneak into a prison in Ashkelon, Blumenfeld embarks upon an intriguing correspondence with the man that leads to a face-to-face encounter in court--the climactic moment that offers the paradoxical "hope" in the book's title.
For this intensive, self-directed class, every student embarks on an independent, in-depth project with the freedom to choose a subject relevant or unrelated to his or her major.
6, the band embarks on a five-week tour of North America supporting Primus.
Odyssey," for Calvin Big Boy Davis, resonates with Homeric implications - extended travel resulting in catholic experiences and the possibility of heroic stature - but Davis's odyssey embarks upon an innovative variation on the standard theme and approach.
The precision of his focus shines through most clearly when he embarks on a comparative discussion of those in Braintree who were in `primary poverty' and/or `secondary poverty' and compares them with the rest of the population.
Daniel discovers that the artifact, the Ark of Truth, may be in the Ori home galaxy, and SG-1 embarks aboard the Odyssey to find it, and pre-empt the attack.
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