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On the point of taking leave of her, nonetheless, I was to some extent embarrassed.
No--she had not been so much embarrassed as I had supposed.
When Rowena, the dearest thing his heart knew, the idol of his secret worship, invited him in, the "nigger" in him made an embarrassed excuse and was afraid to enter and sit with the dread white folks on equal terms.
Aunt Sally she whispered to us and told us not to take notice of him, it embarrassed him.
I didn't know you were going to make us read the things out loud," said Rebecca with an embarrassed smile of recollection.
He stopt again, rose again, and seemed quite embarrassed.
Smith, to resist the temptation of returning here soon, and yet aware that by declining your invitation, by saying that he was going away for some time, he should seem to act an ungenerous, a suspicious part by our family, be might well be embarrassed and disturbed.
He then stepped across the pavement to her, and said something: she seemed embarrassed, and desirous of getting away; to prevent it, he laid his hand on her arm.
He had not felt embarrassed because the crow had not known his language and had only stared and had not spoken to him the first time they met.
The last time you were so good as to come to this house, do you remember how Magdalen embarrassed and distressed us by questioning you about her right to bear her father's name?
Don't let him see we're talking about him--he gets so dreadfully embarrassed.
Humanity and good policy conspire to dictate, that the benign prerogative of pardoning should be as little as possible fettered or embarrassed.