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Thank you for running my review [My Mother Is an Alien: Ten Takes on Life and Film by George Melnyk, page 54] and for the embarrassingly enthusiastic value you attribute to my life and work.
And in fact, even on an individual basis, people who adopt Objectivism tend to crash and burn, as Rand herself embarrassingly did in her affair with Nathaniel Branden.
Cautious young adults who do not carry either identification will no longer be embarrassingly turned away from nightclubs if the Government issues everybody a free identity card to prove their age.
They then lay out a "strategy" that would be enticing if it weren't so embarrassingly vague, repetitive of past attempts (including those of the Bush administration), and singularly unachievable.
Yet Bolivia has only served as a case study among Latin American countries on how to fail to get the most out of embarrassingly rich reserves.
An embarrassingly banal comment was regarded by the committee as the height of wisdom.
I did a trawl of Oasys for standard evils and came up with at least one 'it's' for 'its,' embarrassingly in the Press section.
Course bookmakers should be proud of their leaders, Robin Grossmith and John Stevenson, as it was down to them that plans to introduce the modernisation of the SP system under Lord Donoughue were embarrassingly put on hold.
As the book opens, on 7 November 1630, Morandi lies dead in a Roman prison, ostensibly of a fever; the town rumor mill has it, however, that the abbot was poisoned in order to put a hasty end to a trial whose twists and turns were embarrassingly implicating more and more members of the high Roman elite.
It's a rare feature, but not embarrassingly so," says Gott, whose team recently posted its study's results on the Internet at http://xxx.
The authors' results differ sharply from those generated by a poorly designed study recently released to embarrassingly extensive media coverage.
Embarrassingly, their sponsor, the Soviets, had also sponsored the expulsions, and East German communists were consciously trying to create a totally new society anyway, not recreate the past lives of expellees in a new country.