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Answer me this, without embarrassment or reflecting deeply what thou wilt answer, for they are no riddles I put to thee.
And then there's your cousin--Cassandra--" He paused in embarrassment.
Van Brandt of his embarrassments is quite so simple as you suppose.
Rather than impose new embarrassments upon you I would prefer to aid you to regain your freedom.
My answer involved no embarrassments or difficulties; I could and did honestly tell him that I had made his wishes my law.
The quarrel which had taken place between prisoner and his stepmother was freely admitted, but both it and his financial embarrassments had been grossly exaggerated.
To appeal to wealthy friends in the City would be to let those friends into the secret of his embarrassments, and to put his credit in peril.
She evidently knows more of her husband's character and her husband's embarrassments than I have suspected up to this time.
Whatever may be the truth, as respects the root and the genius of the Indian tongues, it is quite certain they are now so distinct in their words as to possess most of the disadvantages of strange languages; hence much of the embarrassment that has arisen in learning their histories, and most of the uncertainty which exists in their traditions.
Her embarrassment took stronger and stronger hold upon her; she got to snapping the lid of her smelling-bottle--it made a loud, sharp sound, but in her trouble she snapped and snapped away, unconscious of what she was doing.
He made no reply; his complexion changed and all his embarrassment returned; but as if, on catching the eye of the young lady with whom he had been previously talking, he felt the necessity of instant exertion, he recovered himself again, and after saying, "Yes, I had the pleasure of receiving the information of your arrival in town, which you were so good as to send me," turned hastily away with a slight bow and joined his friend.
Knowing what we know, it is not to be concealed that this circumstance threatens us with more embarrassment, and perhaps with more distress.