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Security needed beefing up, but there was a host of ways to meet that goal, such as providing federal funds to place patrolmen at the most troubled embassies.
Robert Dole told the head of the Secret Service: "The budget should give you enough to start rolling, which might set an example for some of the foreign countries to add more protection for people in our embassies in 170 countries around the world.
We believe the enhancements to our program will allow additional embassies, consulates and UN missions to get the type of coverage they were unable to obtain or renew through other insurers," said Ken Schreiber, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Kaye Insurance Associates.
Kaye has worked with over 20 embassies in New York City and expects continued growth due to the enhancements and expansion into Washington DC.
It contains most of the public functions of the embassies, leaving the individual national buildings as not much more than decent little office blocks.
No-one doubts that embassies have to be protected, and that security is one of the key determinants in their design, but do they have to be quite so stern and impervious?
A retired military man, Marsh is familiar with security setups because he has been to a number of embassies around the world.
This construction effort represents part of the Department of State's accelerated, on-going program to provide safe, secure embassies for our personnel," said General Charles E.
Work will begin immediately on the three embassies and is expected to be complete in the fall of 2004.
In support of Global Crossing's contract to develop a virtual private network (VPN) for British embassies worldwide, CyberStar's two-way VSAT network will deliver secure voice, data, and Internet services to embassies in hard-to-reach and infrastructure-deficient regions of the world.
To ensure universal access to broadband, integrated and flexible communications, CyberStar's VSAT solution will allow all British embassies to have the same high-quality, secure and reliable communications.