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I loved how Butch brought a feeling of optimism and growth to IT instead of the typical embattlement and resource constraints that unfortunately can take over a culture.
Kabaservice believes that Buckley and company were "the only Republican tribe that had a sense of themselves as an ideologically coherent group joined in a movement, and their sense of heroic embattlement was enhanced by their opponents' tendency to view them as not merely wrong but insane.
Although at a safe removes from combat during the Second World War, many citizens of Saskatoon exhibited a strange sense of embattlement.
You can win respect just by being willing to join the fray, and that respect may be capital in the bank for the next media embattlement.
The air was thick with anxious and angry embattlement, sarcasm and abstraction.
It was an ally, supplying inspiration and relevancy to a subculture that survived too often on its own sense of embattlement.
It's Oliver's "churn of the water as it begins to swirl and roil" and "the embattlement, the long falls plunging and steaming.
Dow is now facing a few months of legal embattlement while it sues PIC for breach of contract and defends itself against a similar suit from Rohm and Haas.
If this can sometimes lead to a stance of embattlement, it is well to recall Eliot's admonition that there are no lost causes because there are no gained ones.
The Literary Darwinists' status as a "robust guerilla band" is not necessarily a bad thing; arguably one galvanizing force within the humanities themselves is their embattlement with respect to mainstream culture.
Rather, via the organisation of the book into five parts: (1) Origins of the comprehensive high school; (2) Social and political contexts; (3) The social justice era; (4) The comprehensive high in an education market; and (5) Embattlement and survival, the authors trace the development of the public comprehensive high school as a democratic ideal that drew on the traditions of the English secondary school and which mirrored developments in the US, and assess the challenges this form of schooling faced and the eventual and gradual decline (and survival) of this form of schooling in NSW.
Fourteen Men (1954), Gilmore's last major collection, is the logical continuation of Battlefields, again expressing compassion for the victims of social and racial embattlement.