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Vaginal ring entrapment, also referred to as encapsulation, embedment or incarceration, is a recognised complication that is commonly reported in older patients who have either forgotten or neglected their pessary care routine.
Two of the most significant findings from these detailed studies are as follows: (1) two fundamentally different types of malformations in crinoid fossils can be recognized, namely, those associated with a discrete embedment structure, pit, boring or attachment structure, and those characterized by amorphous swelling not associated with any recognizable structures; and (2) abundant occurrences of both types of malformations are documented from Silurian and younger strata (Brett 1978), but few occurrences in Ordovician deposits are known.
Bucket diameters of 20, 30, and 40 cm and various embedment ratios were considered for the mechanical tests.
This concentrated force causes the concrete to fail in tension by embedment cracking, ripping, shear and splitting resulting in the decrease of ultimate strength of shear connection (Oehlers, Bradford 1995).
The roof decking was laminated southern pine 2 3/16" thick with a specification calling for a minimum of 1 3/4" nail embedment into the structure.
Equally important, the international coalition that came to Kuwait's aid demonstrated that soft power and embedment in the global community at multiple levels earns one friends when in need.
Yet at stake in these works is nothing less than a summing up and a sustained farewell to an entire past of painting in the West: that of its traditional embedment in a ritual and primarily Catholic context that, as Hantai had come to understand it, once secured painting's meaningful being for a community.
reveals their embedment in national histories as well as the transnational migrations of B-genres and exploitation cinema, thereby raising fundamental questions about the history of marginal film practices in India.
A new elastomeric roofing system, consisting of four coatings and a mesh fabric embedment, was commissioned for the hospital.
3-mm) embedment length, the Hurriquake nail is effectively reduced to an annular shank nail with respect to withdrawal from the framing member.
Two replacements with fresh JB-4 resin followed--the first for 12 h at 4 C, the second for 4 h at RT, ending with embedment in JB-4.
As the fibres in FRC elements have random orientation and they are uniformly distributed through matrix, they have different embedment lengths and inclination angles at the crack.