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On Thursday, Chief Prosecutor, Boris Velchev, stated he did not see a problem with his office giving information on emblematic cases to foreign magistrates.
EMBLEMATIC Artists Adrian Park and James Davoll standing in front of their creation
Dimler's insights into what he terms the "rhetoricized emblem" partially derive from Barbara Bauer's crucial work on the Jesuit ars rhetorica informing the emblematic plays and placards staged as the chief ornaments of the order's academic festivals.
Instead, they are gnostic; that is, they deal with the challenge of separating light and dark, emblematic of the metaphysical--and "metapsychological"--problem of differentiation.
It will include not only a new convention center and a five-star hotel by the river, but also thematic museums dedicated to Guayaquil's most emblematic features--music, soccer, beer and great facilities for nautical sports.
Chase-Riboud describes Baartman as "the emblematic literal mother of Western racism," whose "travails were the travails of a whole nation, a whole continent, a whole race of men.
A great opera should he an emblematic building that is visible in the city," Perrault said.
Also, parallel tooth marks left by one bite indicate that the chewer had teeth spaced between 10 and 17 mm apart, a measurement also emblematic of Majungatholus.
A: My life is emblematic of most people in America: I indulge in behavior Bork or Bennett wouldn't approve of.
The interview with Nobel laureate William E Sharpe (1990 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences and chairman of Financial Engines, an ingenious financial planning web site) is emblematic of the high bar set for our interviews.
Judith Dundas, `Unriddling the Antique: Peacham's Emblematic Art', explores Peacham's use and adaptation, in Minerva Britanna, of his sources, in particular Laurentius Heachtanus.
As The New York Times reports, in recent months fishermen agitated over 1998 laws limiting the catch of sharks, lobsters and sea cucumbers have attacked conservation centers, harassed tourists and even kidnapped some of the islands' emblematic giant tortoises.