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Although my students' response to Camera Lucida varies--one student, outraged by the emotionalism of the prose, is dismissive of it; another, identifying with it, discreetly wells up in tears--our discussions of the book allow me to drive home an important point: theory is the product of embodied experience.
In constructing the building, every attempt was made to reduce embodied energy and potentially toxic products.
All these embodied different masculine styles and indeed suggested different conceptions of blackness that African American men embraced or rejected in the quest for a route out from under the thumb of white America.
It suddenly dawned on me that Brandon had seeped into the Hollywood arena and thereby the American mainstream when I saw him walk up on the stage--still embodied by the wonderful Hilary Swank--and accept the Golden Globe award on national television.
Perhaps this helps to account for President Bill Clinton's tortuous attempts to define embodied genital contact of a particular kind as "not" a sexual relationship at all.
Archaeologists and a few historians consider the concept of embodied knowledge by examining some of the apparently diverse yet shared forms of its manifestation in archaeological and historical contexts.
The reign of God is embodied in Jesus as Jesus challenges powers that are destructive of life, heals the sick, cleanses lepers, makes the blind to see and the crippled walk, center-stages the marginalized, empowers the weak, forgives the ostracized and "damned," and creates a reconciled community.
Similarly, when a new building is constructed, materials recovered from demolished buildings can be reused not only to reduce construction waste, but also to reduce the embodied energy associated with building materials.
The dance house will be presenting photos and videos taken during the Sites Embodied Cyprus Festival that took place between April 14-21 at Droushia, Androlikou and the surrounding locations of Akamas.
This contribution examines the everyday embodied practices and performances of the BisiKongo people of lower Congo to show how their gestures, dances, and spirituality are critical in mobilizing social and political action.
Specialists in such areas of film as music, sound design, narrative, and film type explore how the concept of embodied cognition can inform the scientific study of film and visual culture.