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For this contest, we are looking for individuals to showcase how they embody that sense of freedom and spirit of Mustang through a 60-second video.
For those with more open schedules or who simply can't get enough, Embody also offers an assortment of specialty workshops that vary from dynamic stretching and choreography to technique workshops on pole and burlesque sometimes featuring guest instructors and recognized trainers.
For full terms and conditions go to the Embody website at www.
Most importantly, as Kristevan semiotic chorae, the houses embody women's nonrationalist epistemology, the powerful connected knowing vital to matrilineal narratives like Mama Day and Beloved.
According to Halprin, Segal meant his bronze figures to embody the "inherent individual dignity" of ordinary men and women.
2 million campaign to raise funds for a home to embody the adventurous artistic spirit and daring that have characterized On the Boards's work for two decades.
A statutory notice of refund claim disallowance does not embody the requisite determination.
could be arranged to embody part of its meaning in its structure" (15).
Of course there's nothing wrong with adolescents going surfing and feeling groovy, but rock does embody some nobler impulses as well.
Two new products, Embody Capture HMR and Embody Animation, provide an end-to-end solution for capturing and integrating high-quality facial animation into any project.
Hamill examines the underlying thinking around leadership, how we develop leaders, the roots and myths of the "rational mind" concept, neuroscience findings on brain functioning and the implications for leadership, and how humans embody our "selves.