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Decorative embossing enhances the L'Oreal logo on the front and top panels.
By adding embossing to the standard bottle we were able to use the blank moulds from the hexagonal bottle, meaning the customer only has to pay for finish moulds at less than half the cost of a full bespoke design.
A number of preliminary creep tests were carried out on the hot embossing apparatus with the same instantaneous stress to produce creep strain.
For most towel and tissue grades, softness, absorbency, and bulk are developed in the sheet by creping after the sheet is dried on a Yankee dryer, sometimes followed by further off-machine embossing and combining of several plies.
When a hot embossing technique is used at chip or larger area level it is called step and print, and when cold embossing (also called soft lithography) is used it is referred to as step and flash.
ArtCAM translates the patterns' relief data, and the embossing offset, into vector graphics and then generates the cutter paths for machining.
every two weeks) you will be sent a bulletin alerting you to any items that relate to decorating, printing or embossing plastics.
Diamond's QuikSet[TM] design provides an attractive and economical alternative to rigid set-up boxes, featuring a reinforced base and lid, direct application of graphics and stamping or embossing, flat shipping and storage, and easy set-up.
It was interesting to see how the embossing made the metallic tones that weren't overprinted with orange really shine--a real eye catcher.
Hot embossing has been studied extensively to understand the underlying physics and the effect of the key process parameters such as embossing temperature, embossing pressure, and embossing time [1-9].
By investing in the latest embossing technologies, Labeltronix has further streamlined and expanded its Lean Labeling operation.
The calendar features multi-color UV printing, soft touch coating, UV gloss spot coating, foil stamping, multi-level embossing, and intricate die cutting.